The dark side of gamification

They say that games can support learning in terms of motivation, engagement and the development of capability. Gamification is named as one of e-learning trends for 2018 claiming that it “can make up for the drawbacks of other e-learning methods by capturing the engagement and concentration of learners for a longer period of time by implementing a new and innovative way of presenting concepts“.  I like that the post below tries to have a more balanced view examining how games can impede learning. Looking at another ‘darker’ side of a new technology is often missing from  e-learning debates.


How well do you chop your cucumber? It’s a ridiculous question, I know, but in the short film Sight the protagonist plays an augmented reality game that awards him points for the consistency in the thickness of his slices. The scene irked me. The last thing I would want while preparing dinner is a computer…

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